Amazon Prime’s New Hit Series, “Daisy Jones & the Six” Actors Filmed at 1970s Los Angeles Most Historic Landmarks Which Included the George Hodel/Sowden Franklin House–the Actual 1947 Black Dahlia Crime Scene

March 10, 2023
Birch Bay, Washington


Amazon Prime Video’s new hit show, Daisy Jones & the Six” is featured in today’s Variety Magazine shown being filmed at Los Angeles’ Historic Landmarks which include: The Whisky a Go Go, Filthy McNasty, The Troubadour, Chateau Marmont and…wait for it, wait for it, yes the Sowden/Franklin House.

In the Variety article, by Pat Saperstein, “‘ Daisy Jones & the Six’: Why Shooting at Actual L.A. Rock ‘n’ Roll Landmarks Was a ‘Gift to the Actors’,  it is not known if the author or the actors were aware they were filming at the actual 1947 Black Dahlia Murder crime scene or not?
In referencing the Sowden House Saperstein writes:
The John Sowden House
Also known as the “Jaws House” for its dramatic facade of textile blocks, this Franklin Ave. house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son Lloyd Wright in 1926 makes the perfect backdrop for a decadent Hollywood rock ‘n roll party. Reminiscent of a Mayan temple, the courtyard design enables sightlines to pretty much every room in the house from every other room, which is very helpful when checking out the other party guests. It’s not clear who lived there in the 1970s, but there was definitely no pool in the middle of the courtyard at the time.
When shooting the party where Simone meets Bernie for the first time, Kender was excited to showcase the house despite worries it was too over-the-top. “This show is a little bit of a love letter to L.A.,” she says, “and this is a part of L.A.”

Amazon Prime’s trailer for “Daisy Jones and the Six.  (Looks like a very cool series.)

The below photographs show how the Hodel/Sowden house appeared in the 1970s (it had been vacant for twenty years after Dr. George Hill Hodel sold it and fled the country in 1950.)











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