Award Winning Book Narrator Malcolm Hillgartner Reads Two-Book Audio True Crime Series, “The Early Years”: The Further Serial Crimes of George Hill Hodel M.D. (Part I (1920s) and Part II (1930s)

January 24, 2023
Birch Bay, Washington
Greetings from beautiful Birch Bay, Washington.
Excited to announce the publication of:

The Early Years: The Further Serial Crimes of George Hill Hodel M.D. (Part I (the 1920s) and Part II (the 1930s) as
*(Both Audiobooks include PDF with full text and graphics.)

But, more than that, they are read by Award Winning Narrator, Malcolm Hillgartner.  (Malcolm read my earlier books, Most Evil I (Dutton 2009)  and Most Evil II (Rare Bird Books 2015).
I have just proof-listened to both books and Malcolm as usual presents us with a masterful performance. A consummate professional, and more “he really gets it” and his understanding comes through in every sentence.
In my humble opinion, in the world of audio narration, there is simply, none better than Malcolm.

Malcolm Hillgartner

Malcolm Hillgartner is an accomplished actor, writer, and songwriter. He has narrated over 265 audiobooks, with a 2017 SOVAS VoiceArts award, an AudioFile Best Voice of 2013 award, and 6 Earphones awards to his credit. With his wife Jahnna, he wrote the bestselling fantasy book series The Jewel Kingdom, which is currently in development at Bron Studios.
And here’s an excerpt from a January 1, 2014 interview by Jeff Pearlman where Malcolm is describing the “how to” on the art of book narration. M.H.=Malcolm Hillgartner:

       Book I (1920s)  (Both Books Include PDF Full Text (over 400 pages each and Graphics)Book II (1930s) 

Sample of Audiobook-
The Early Years Introduction by Malcolm Hillgartner


Available on most major retailers, libraries, and apps such as:  Audible, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play,, Overdrive, iTunes, Scribd, Downpour, Libro, Barnes & Noble, Spotify, Chirp, and more. 



  1. Patricia ONeill on January 25, 2023 at 4:23 pm

    Just listened to the audiobook sample! This will definitely bring in some more readers, Steve! As I mentioned, Black Dahlia came up with 3 young professionals over the holidays along with conversations
    on increased workloads, driving times to and from work locations etc.😓. I do know 2 of them do listen to audiobooks while commuting…….will mention TEY I & II to them! Perfect timing as we await the entire story on the miniseries…..there is an audience out there! 👍😎🌵

  2. Steve Hodel on January 25, 2023 at 4:36 pm

    Patricia O:
    Thank you. Appreciate you spreading “the word”.
    Yes, very happy with Malcolm Hillgartner’s reading of both books.
    Great voice and he’s a really smart guy with lots of talent.

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