A Sharp-Eyed Reader Discovers a Major New Thoughtprint Further Linking George Hodel to the IN THE MESQUITE 1938 Double Murders of Hazel and Nancy Frome

December 14, 202
Birch Bay, Washington


                                          A Major New Thoughtprint

Like so many times in the past, a sharp-eyed reader has just discovered and forwarded to me what in actuality is a major new thoughtprint,  further linking my father, Dr. George Hill Hodel to the horrific 1938 double torture murders of Hazel and Nancy Frome.
I have just now, included this new “clew”,  as a three-page additional text and graphic,  in the updated version of the paperback edition, now available for purchase online.
Huge Kudos and my gratitude to my new “partner” for her discovery of a visual crime-scene clue that has been in plain view for all these years.

(Available in Paperback-HERE.)





  1. Brian Weatherby on December 14, 2022 at 12:54 pm

    I bought this Kindle book when it came out. Is there a way i can see the 3 new pages without buying the book again?

  2. Steve Hodel on December 14, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Brian W:
    Hi Brian. Hasn’t been added to the Kindle book yet. Hope to do that in near future. Not sure how that works? If someone already has the Kindle will it update? Don’t know. Will try and get it entered in Kindle after the Holidays.

    • Patricia ONeill on December 14, 2022 at 5:41 pm

      Steve, do have the paperback I bought in 2019, but have lots of Amaz. points usable if I buy again on the Kindle (why didn’t I do this back in 2019?🙄) with the new “clew” updates so please keep readers posted when this happens! Do you have any podcasts/interviews etc. on your latest discussions you had on this book several weeks ago? I remember when reading this book it brought me back to a similar trip I made with my mom back in ‘60 or ‘61 from San Jose, CA to San Antonio, TX…..both scary & sad!😞 Very good read tho’! Again, keep readers posted on new clews to be posted!👍😎🌵

      • Steve Hodel on December 14, 2022 at 6:47 pm

        Patricia O:
        In my online talk at the October NoirCon 2022, I didn’t include the ‘new clue” and if my memory serves me right (happening less and less these days, sadly) I didn’t even mention it as pending addition to and updated in the paperback edition, which has just been in last week or so. Will try and include it in the Kindle edition after the Holidays in early January 2023, which is just around the proverbial corner.

        • Patricia ONeill on December 15, 2022 at 11:02 am

          Have 2 years on you, Steve, and yes, sad to say memory issues will not abate😟! Will look fward to the Kindle edition in ‘23👍. Here’s to a very Happy & probably very White Christmas to you & family in WA! 🎄😎🌵

          • Steve Hodel on December 15, 2022 at 11:09 am

            Patricia O:
            Back at you. Have a super Holiday. We have “The Year of the Rabbit” coming up in 2023, “the luckiest animal of all twelve” so let’s pick up them bones and roll em.

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