Interview with KFI’s Host Crime Reporter Steve Gregory- A Final Point- “Black Dahlia Case is Solved but Not Cleared”

January 26, 2022
Birch Bay, Washington
KFI Host Steve Gregory Interviews Steve Hodel
I want to take this opportunity to thank KFI Host Steve Gregory for his excellent interview on the 75th Anniversary of the murder of Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short.
The complete 67-minute interview which aired a week ago can be heard HERE
In the closing four minutes of the show, I was able to hammer home one important truth that most (all?) naysayers and critics never address, including my own LAPD.
That being the Third Black Dahlia MYTH which say’s: “The Black Dahlia Murder was never solved.”   – WRONG.  It was solved and all of the top brass SAID SO.
For those of you that were unable to listen to the full interview with Steve Gregory, here are the three closing minutes that make that point. (Hit Play below.)



  1. Patricia ONeill on January 27, 2022 at 11:17 am

    Quoting Lt. Frank Jemison, DA investigator …….”but we didn’t have enough to put him away”……says it ALL! The statements made by the high ranking officers of LAPD, DA’s Office, & LA Sheriff’s Dept. are a flat out abandonment of following the rule of law and a dereliction of duty by these men & their agencies! They did not even attempt to investigate further, nor prohibit GHH from leaving the country while further investigating! Not an unusual occurrence in those days… & celebrity talked loud & clear!! Hmm….not much has changed in that area but progress being made nowadays👍. And this DERELICTION OF DUTIES led us to experience the killings of Zodiac and as you have uncovered, Steve, numerous more horrific murders in CA, the US, Asia….now too numerous to count!😓. Sounds like you have a good connection with Steve Gregory & “Unsolved.” Every bit of exposure helps……remember you are the dog with a bone…..keep gnawing away, Steve!! 👍😎🌵

    • Steve Hodel on January 27, 2022 at 12:02 pm

      Patricia O:
      Yes, Once the probable tape-recorded murder of the unknown female in the basement of the Sowden/Franklin House occurred and GHH’s being informed by our mother, Dorero, he shortly thereafter split the country, thus avoiding Lt. Jemison’s physical arrest. Late-night meetings on “what to do?” and the powers that be in the DA’s Office made the decision and gave Lt. Jemison his “walking orders”. “You’re off the case. Close it out and return all evidence directly to LAPD Chief of Detectives, Thad Brown as well as all the tapes and interviews.” As a direct result of these “command decisions” GHH would go on to kill in the Sixties (Lucila Lalu in Manila, Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, and the seven San Francisco victims as ZODIAC. All because of the original cover-up by LAPD and the LADA. Add to that what we have learned from “The Early Years” and the linkage of GHH to a then young Lt. Thad Brown, informs us further on WHY George Hodel was a “High Jingo” and “Untouchable.” No wonder that Chief Thad Brown drank himself to death. “Thus conscience doth makes cowards of us all.”
      I should probably do a short blog further explaining exactly Lt. Jemison’s actions. Ordered to “close the case and return the files and tapes to Chief Thad Brown” he was following orders. My critics point out that Lt. Jemison “cleared George Hodel.” Not really. In his follow-up report, (unlike any of the other “suspects” Lt. Jemison clears), only as relates to George Hodel does he uses the word, “tend to eliminate him.” That was his CYA. To be continued…

  2. Patricia ONeill on January 27, 2022 at 5:56 pm

    Just realizing GHH’s murderous chronicles are really the “tip of the iceberg” Steve! So much cover up, dropping the ball, squelching the truth!! And for each LAPD, LA law enforcement agencies & the LA legal community, I can name their counterparts in San Francisco with similar stories😓. Relating to Thad Brown’s end, I knew & was related to men like him. I saw first hand the suffering their families endured & continued to endure after their deaths. So continuation of the life & times of GHH is actually a step in the right direction on how to avoid future travesties of justice!! Unfortunately it really isn’t just about George Hill Hodel! I think you’re going to have to go on another 20 years at least, Steve!! Hoping you find the right rescue dog too! 😎🌵

    • Steve Hodel on January 27, 2022 at 6:05 pm

      Patricia O:
      You’re so right Patricia. Half-hour ago, got a contact from one of my former armchair detectives who has come up with a “new clew” and linkage to GHH. This Sh** never stops. Think I’ll get me about a three-year-old dog (21 in human years) as my new partner. Then he or she can take over when I exit stage left and keep chasing the bones. *s*teve

  3. Patricia ONeill on January 28, 2022 at 12:36 pm

    Thank you, Steve! Will definitely listen to after this weekend over! Family, the “out of towners” in 🌵thru Mon! As I said previously, my “clews” are not the forensic type clues detectives want/need for prosecution, but do have some “jump out at you” instances I read in TEY that I think made GHH the murderer😓. So more later! Hey, don’t speak of exits….too much to do still!!👍😎🌵

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