Husband-and-Wife Team of Daniel and Anne Vasquez Present In-Depth Examination of New Evidence in L.A.’s Black Dahlia Murder

August 12, 2021
Los Angeles, California

Dynamic Duo Team of Daniel and Anne Vasquez Present In-Depth Interview Examining New Evidence in L.A.’s 1947 Black Dahlia Murder Investigation.

(Below 7500-word article was originally published in The South Pasadenan Newspaper on Oct. 29, 2018.)

Journalist Daniel Vasquez                                                                                                 Journalist Anne Vasquez
Have had several requests to see this nearly three-year-old lengthy article (Oct. 2018) related to new evidence linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to the Black Dahlia Murder. Written by above-pictured journalists Daniel and Anne Vasquez. One of the most thorough articles ever written. The husband and wife team took a deep dive into the story and they presented it in the highest traditions of the Fourth Estate. Kudos to both of them.


The complete original article can be read at the below link.


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