Breaking News- Black Dahlia Murder Secretly Solved by Internationally Renowned Detective in 1947

Los Angeles, California
November 28, 2020
Much to my amazement I just received “Breaking News” that the infamous Elizabeth Short, “Black Dahlia” murder was originally solved in 1947, just weeks after its commission. The case was “cracked”  by one of the world’s leading detectives who had been asked by LAPD brass to assist them in their attempts to identify her killer.
In an EXCLUSIVE with noted British film and screenwriter, Scott McQuaid, the distinguished detective sat down and narrated his complete 1947 investigation on tape. The interview runs about 53 minutes as we listen to deduction after deduction from this World Class Detective as he “makes his case.”

Link to his 53 min 1947  solving of the Black Dahlia Murder HERE.

Mini bio on Scott McQuaid  HERE
Scott McQuaid is a British writer and director for stage and screen that grew up in Essex, England. He spent most of his teenage years making camcorder movies with the kids in his neighborhood. With a great admiration for Hong Kong movies, he moved to Hong Kong and began his career volunteering on film sets. He worked as a production assistant and sometimes as an extra from 1995 to 1998. McQuaid later turned his attention to theatre and began writing and directing skits, plays and musicals. He majored in performing arts and then with a masters in film making. He worked in England, America and Japan before eventually relocating to Malaysia, where he took the position as resident director for the Cempaka Performing Arts Company. During this time, he has directed numerous plays and musicals winning consecutive BOH Cameronian Art Awards including the best director award. He has also been recognized by the Malaysian book of records for producing an original musical. McQuaid started up his own stage company, pop up theatre and also a film production house, plastic monkey films and after producing a handful of short films, that screened at various film festivals he then made his debut feature movie in 2017. On a shoe string budget with an intense 22 day shoot, he made the self-aware B movie ‘Space Ninjas’, which was released worldwide on streaming networks Amazon Prime, iTunes, Apple TV, Fandango Now and Avail TV. He continues to create new imaginative works for both stage and screen.
– IMDb Mini Biography By: Wayne Crawford


  1. Patricia ONeill on December 3, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    Well, Watson & Holmes hit the nail on the head w/Black D. murder & their critique of the LAPD👍. Unfortunately the murder(s) are not fiction. On the bright side, Watson has found a great place to retire & sounds like Holmes “spirit” will visit frequently!
    Stay well!!😷

  2. RYAN CARR on December 11, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    Hi Steve,

    Did you see the latest news about Zodiac’s 1969 cipher being decoded? It’s right here:


    • Steve Hodel on December 11, 2020 at 3:55 pm

      Ryan C:

      Yes, just did see it thanks. Very GHH sounding as it is in the Zodica letters.

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