Author/Photographer Alix Lambert’s book, “CRIME”: A Series of Extraordinary Interviews Exposing the World of Crime, Real and Imagined”

August 22, 2020
Los Angeles, California


A series of extraordinary INTERVIEWS exposing the world of CRIME-REAL and IMAGINED

In 2008 author/photographer/documentarian Alix Lambert published a remarkable book on CRIME where she interviewed fifty (50), individuals on the subject. As her title implies the interviews covered both “the real and imagined.” Here is a list of her interviewees:

Alix interview of Steve Hodel Click the link here for full-ten page interview : skh interv CRIME FAQ 73

Alix interview of Tamar Hodel

SKH Note:

At the close of Tamar’s interview she makes the following statement to Alix:
 “Had I known that he (my brother, Steve Hodel) was writing about our father, me, and the incest trial, I would have corrected much of the information concerning my character. Steve quoted the newspaper reports to describe my character and statements. It was unknown to him that they were very inaccurate. He was most anxious to report that I had told the truth about my father.
In BDA I had described Tamar as being “incorrigible” which is a legal term for describing a minor.
There are basically three parts to the definition of incorrigibility. To be incorrigible, your child’s actions must occur repeatedly and be disruptive, dangerous, disobedient, and in direct violation of lawful commands. One or two instances of disobedience could just be a part of growing up or being a teenager. (Examples of incorrigible would include “beyond the control of their parents, runaway, curfew violations, possession or consumption of intoxicating liquor”etc.)
The fact is Tamar at age fourteen and living with us at the Sowden/Franklin House easily met the definition of “incorrigible.” She was highly intelligent, independent, strong-willed and unbeknownst to all of us, would, in just a few years more, be living her own life and by the summer of 1950 be off to Mexico and marry her first husband, a short-lived relationship that freed her from her mother’s dominance and control.  A quickie divorce then north to San Francisco and full speed ahead to her much sought after “Bohemian lifestyle.”

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