Edward Ruscha- “…What celebs are doing in quarantine?” LA TIMES Sunday, March 18, 2020

March 24, 2020
Los Angeles, California

Last Sunday’s LA TIMES Calendar Section presented an article

For obvious reasons, (see quote below) I particularly liked artist Edward Ruscha’s response to “hunkering down.” In reading his bio (below) I can see with his love affair for Los Angeles through the decades as depicted in his art and writing why BDA and the history it presents would appeal to the artist. (Not to mention that he most likely came in personal contact with some/many(?) of the surrealist artists named in its pages? (Duchamp, Man Ray, Copley, possibly Sexton, Teske, etc.)

Full LAT article  “…What celebs are doing in quarantine?”  HERE.

See Edward Ruscha’s remarkable biography HERE. 

Ruscha discusses his artwork. Click below on photo. (3 mins)


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