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Press Release-Historic 70-Year-Old Black Dahlia “In Case of Death” Letter Written in 1949 by LAPD Undercover Informant Identifies “GH” (George Hodel) As Killer New Discovery Reveals George Hodel “Grilled” By LAPD as the Suspect in Three Separate LA Murders

December 2, 2018
Los Angeles, California
Here is my original Press Release (October 29, 2018) describing the discovery of LAPD police informant W. Glenn Martin’s handwritten “Death Declaration” naming George Hodel as the killer of Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short (1947) and further identifying him as the killer of L.A. Lone Woman Murder victim Louise Springer in 1949. Martin in this letter informs us that he was personally acquainted with George Hodel and that he and Hodel were both personally acquainted with the victim Louise Springer and that George Hodel in the summer of 1949 was taken in by LAPD detectives  “and grilled about the Springer murder, but released due to his friendship with corrupt detectives.” * This original Glenn Martin Letter which remained hidden for seventy-years is the most important document linking Dr. George Hodel to the two 1940s murders and second in importance only to the secret LA DA Hodel/Black Dahlia Files and recorded transcripts secreted in the DA vault for over fifty-three-years as revealed in BDA in 2003.
*SKH Note- George Hodel’s “grilling” by LAPD detectives as revealed by his acquaintance, Glenn Martin, is the third known murder interrogation as a suspect by LAPD.  Officers first suspected and “grilled” him in the suspected overdose of his personal secretary/lover in 1945.  The second was as a suspect in the Elizabeth Short “Black Dahlia Murder” where he was “grilled” by LAPD and DA detectives at the Hall of Justice in 1950.  Now, Martin informs us that he was taken in in the summer/fall of 1949 and “grilled” as a suspect in the Springer murder, but released by corrupt and “friendly” detectives.

Full details as described in the Martin three-page letter are presented in full to the Who, What, Where and Why in the AFTERWORD chapter of the recently published Black Dahlia Avenger III (Rare Bird Books 2018). 



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