On the Scent of Dahlia Noir: Givenchy Presents Perfume as "A Fatal Flower of Unreal and Imaginative Compositon for Mysterious and Fascinating Women."

October 23, 2018
Los Angeles, California

Back in 2011 I wrote a short blog on the advertisement by Givenchy for their just-released perfume, Dahlia Noir. (Link Here)











Below is a separate article that was written in 2012 which I had not previously seen. It was written by the author, Susan Amper. Her article “Death of a Dream: The Black Dahlia”   was posted in Criminal Element.  Well written and quite accurate, which contains a much fuller explanation. Well done Susan.

Death of a Dream: The Black Dahlia  by Susan Amper

And here’s a link to the original video advertisement announcing the release of their new scent.  HERE

Death of a Dream: The Black Dahlia

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