July 16, 2016
Los Angeles

Twelve individual witness sightings each day of “Missing Week” debunk Dahlia Myth.

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In my sequel, Black Dahlia Avenger II (Thoughtprint Press 2014) I present three major Black Dahlia Myths. They are:

Myth No. 1-  “It was a standalone murder.”
Myth No. 2-  “There was a Missing or Lost Week.”
Myth No. 3-  “The case was never solved by the LAPD.”

In BDA II, Chapter 12, I document the myth of the Black Dahlia’s Missing Week. As can be seen in the above diagram,  twelve separate witnesses, six of whom personally knew and spoke with Elizabeth Short during each day of that week either in Hollywood or the downtown area. Below I attach the complete Chapter 12, for your review, which lists the separate reliable witnesses and shows exactly where and when each saw and or spoke to the victim. Incredibly, the last witness to stop and speak with Elizabeth Short was LAPD uniform policewoman, Meryl McBride on January 14, 1947, in the afternoon hours. Elizabeth was exiting a bar with “two males and a female” and when officer McBride, recognizing her from an earlier contact, asked her “are you alright?” she replied, “Yes, I’m going to meet my father at the Greyhound Bus Depot.” This last sighting was just ten hours before her estimated time of death which the coroner believed occurred in the early mornings hours of January 15, 1947.

See full Chapter 12 PDF below.

Chapter 12 The Missing Week

Photo below shows author at the Biltmore Hotel  lobby (Olive Street Entrance) in 2016. Author’s investigation (press and police reports) debunks the legend that this lobby was  the “last location where the victim was seen prior to her body being found on January 15, 1947.” DA Files document that a Mr. Studholme a Biltmore employee observed Elizabeth Short in the lobby until 10 p.m. when he believed she was signaled by someone from outside the glass doors on the Olive Street entrance. She exited out the door, turned right (south) possibly with the unknown person?  (That individual is believed to have been Dr. George Hill Hodel, and they were likely headed for his private practice, located just four blocks southwest of the Biltmore Hotel at 7th & Flower.) We then have eleven more sightings of Elizabeth on each and every day from January 9-14th.

biltmore to ghh office

steve at Biltmore 2016

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