Erik Rivenes MOST NOTORIOUS Podcast "Black Dahlia Avenger" Part I & Part II

June 2, 2016 Los Angeles, California Most Notorious

Click below for the link to Parts I & II (one-hour each) to a recent podcast interview on Black Dahlia Avenger I did with crime historian and author, Erik Rivenes, host of Most Notorious.   It was a pleasure talking with Erik who was well informed and a very professional host.

 Black Dahlia Avenger Interview Part I

Black Dahlia Avenger Interview Part II

Podcast Description MOST NOTORIOUS

Hosted by crime historian Erik Rivenes, author of the Detective Harm Queen mystery series, this podcast brings an interview every week with an expert on a historical crime, criminal or tragedy. Some well-known, others lost in time. Anyone who loves the dark side of history should subscribe!

SKH Author Note:  Erik Rivenes historical crime interviews are excellent and cover more than a hundred years of crime and many of the MOST NOTORIOUS. Highly recommend you visit his website and listen to his podcast interviews at:

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