Seance 91210 – A Beverly Hills Black Dahlia Ghost Story – Real or Imagined?


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August 15, 2015
Los Angeles, California

Below is a slightly extended/revised letter from an email inquiry that I sent to Tony Brueski, Host of Real Ghost Stories Online, that I will share with you.  I will update this blog when and if I get any feedback. Full Black Dahlia Ghost Story podcast here.



To:         Tony Brueski, Host, “Real Ghost Stories Online.”
From:    Steve Hodel, author Black Dahlia Avenger
Subj:      GHOST OF THE BLACK DAHLIA (Aired on May 14, 2014)
Date:  August 15, 2015

Dear Tony:

First, let me say, I am not a believer in psychic/phenomena and tend to be highly skeptical of things that go “bump in the night.” It is my belief that most of the reporting’s are unfounded or are, in my opinion, psychologically projected from the person(s) involved in the event or séance. That said, I do believe there are “more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies.” But, I’m coming from a scientific explanation for them that simply goes beyond our current knowledge. So, bottom line, I guess I am actually, more of an agnostic when it comes to all things paranormal, and try to keep an open mind.

I am a retired LAPD Homicide detective and have authored four books on my investigation into the infamous Black Dahlia Murder. The first, Black Dahlia Avenger, was a NYT bestseller and has been featured on 48 Hours, Dateline, Court TV, Bill Kurtis, Cold Case Files and others. My author website is:

The reason I am writing is I chanced upon your podcast and your reading of the Ghost Story on the Black Dahlia, in which you detailed the events experienced by the letter writer at a seance at a woman’s home in Beverly Hills.

I found nothing of particular interest in the overall story which was pretty basic and included information commonly known to the public. General, until you got close to the end of the story where the letter writer mentions that one of the men present was reading cards and experienced something very unusual. He indicated witnessing that the man turned the cards over and that the same numbers, “5121” kept recurring again and again. I believe he said, it occurred, “Twenty out of the thirty-two times.” Highly unusual and certainly odds-defying in the extreme.

What surprised me was there was no mention or follow-up of how this connects directly to the original Black Dahlia murder?  (I can only assume that he and you were/are unaware of the fact at the time this story was told? Possibly still are to this day?)

My now fifteen year investigation into the Black Dahlia has solved the case, and both the LAPD Chief of Detectives (James McMurray) and the then active Head Deputy DA Steve Kay (of Manson prosecution fame) agree. (As do most of my readers and viewers of the investigation as told in the media/television summaries.)

Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short’s killer as proven in my investigation and in secret LA DA Black Dahlia Transcripts and tapes discovered and released only after the publication of my book– name and identify my father, Dr. George Hill Hodel as her killer.

My follow-up investigation and subsequent books have established the actual crime scene where the murder occurred was inside our 1947 Hollywood residence, the Sowden/Hodel House. The home, a Mayan temple in the heart of Hollywood, is well known to Angelenos and has been used as a set in numerous films and television shows.  In my follow-up book, Black Dahlia Avenger II, I was able to link hard physical evidence from the residence to items found next to the bisected body, which had been posed on a vacant lot at 39th and Norton.

The home is located on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood.

It’s physical address?

5121 Franklin Avenue.

I would be very interested in hearing if in fact there exist any documented recording or footage establishing and verifying that, as your letter writer indicated, the numbers 5121 kept appearing over and over. If corroboration exists, sans any hoaxing or “sleight of hand”, that would be very impressive.

You can reach me by email at

Best Regards,

Steve Hodel

P.S.  Feel free to pass this on to your “letter-writer” and advise him if he is so inclined, he or his director friend, can contact me at my email of

SKH Note- What I find of particular interest in the letter writer’s telling of his personal experience and the unfolding of events is the fact that there is NO MENTION of the connection to the actual crime-scene location. Unless this link was made and acknowledged by him and intentionally omitted on the podcast, the story comes across as if he is unaware that the repeating card numbers, 5 1 2 1 have any direct connection to the Black Dahlia murder. If one is trying to hype or promote a story, it makes no sense to deliberately leave off the punch line. On face value, I can only assume he was unaware that the numbers were the actual address where the Dahlia Murder was committed. Otherwise, why not include that astounding fact it in his letter?  (Unless of course you are a chess master and would like someone else to make that move for you, which does not seem to be what’s at play in this particular scenario.)


  1. John Ayers on August 18, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    The Freudian slip in this paranormal account is that the assault and murder took place in December. That debunks this seance as far as I’m concerned.

    • Steve Hodel on August 18, 2015 at 3:30 pm

      John A: Not sure what you mean by this? My focus is not as to whether the psychic’s report of what happened is or is not accurate. Rather, I am interested in whether the guest/director’s dealing of the cards and reshuffling with the claim that the numbers, “5 1 2 1” constantly repeating over and over actually happened? And, did they know the address of the Sowden/Hodel residence and Dahlia crime scene, contained those same numbers? If they did, why not mention it in the letter writer’s account? Best, steve

  2. Brian Weatherby on August 20, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    My perception of this is hoax.

    If I was describing repeated playing card sequences, it would seem more natural to say them in the order pulled: ie “five-one-two-one” rather than the recording version of “fifty one twenty one.”

    This is just my opinion, but I think that implies that the speaker already knows it’s an address.

    • Steve Hodel on August 20, 2015 at 3:12 pm

      Brian W. Yes, good point. I suspect they knew and had advanced information on the address.

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