Black Dahlia Podcast by Tyler Braddy of Principled Uncertainty Part 2

February 17, 2015
Los Angeles, California

Here is Tyler Braddy’s Black Dahlia Podcast Part 2. (Runs about 90 mins)
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  1. Derek Olson on February 24, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    Great podcast, Steve! Really looking forward to your upcoming book. It’s the other murders that I want to know more about now. I’m sure you’ve addressed this before, but what about physical evidence from all of the other crimes, e.g. the “lone woman” murders, the Chicago cases, Manila, etc. It’s a lot. What do we know about the state of all those files? Does anything remain that could be tested, or will they not disclose any info about what they still have? A DNA link in even one of these cases (any of them!) would force a re-examination of everything, surely. To that end, I’ve been thinking that it would be great to have something like a chart listing all your father’s suspected crimes with columns for the state of the available evidence. There could be a category for “crime scene evidence known or thought to still exist,” another one for “only paper files still around,” one for “nothing left,” and one for “unknown/authorities won’t say.” To my mind, this kind of summary would really help clarify where we stand.

    Did LAPD purge their evidence storage of everything connected to all the “lone woman” crimes, or just the Dahlia case? Do we know? If they were that systematically thorough with purging all those other cases, then it’s even more damning that they knew the truth about everything. That’s worth ascertaining. But if not, then maybe there’s a chance. Even just one case….

    • Steve Hodel on February 25, 2015 at 12:51 am

      Hi Derek: Thanks for the kind words. I go into detail on the Lone Woman Murders in BDA II and MOST EVIL, both available as print and ebooks. No, LAPD has not done any examination on any of the other Lone Woman Murders and as far as I know, still believes they are all random unconnected. Eight or Ten different serial killers back in the 40s all tripping over each others bodies and writing notes. I’ve listed all the victims and dates/times/locations and LE agency assigned, but to date NADA. I’m sure plenty of DNA exists in at least some of the crimes, but no one will look at it. “Just too busy with current demands.” And so it goes. As you likely know, I have my father’s full DNA profile, so all it requires to for them to obtain suspect DNA from any one of the separate crimes. Best Regards, S.

      • Derek Olson on February 26, 2015 at 2:38 am

        Hi Steve. Thanks for the kind reply. You’re always so conscientious with your readers. Yes, it was very exciting when you announced you’d obtained your father’s DNA profile. I hope I’m not asking too many questions here. Clearly, I need to go back and re-read those chapters. So you’re reasonably confident that “Dahliagate” and the post -Jemison “disappearance” of all the evidence in the Short murder probably didn’t extend to the other connected cases, also? A sloppy cover-up is worse than none, after all. But then, I suppose they’re always sloppy.

        I’m rather surprised, too, that there apparently isn’t much federal interest in what you convincingly argue was an interstate and international crime spree. Could a victims’ rights group conceivably sue the DOJ on behalf of living descendants, based on your evidence, and demand that they step in to compel forensic testing, if local LE won’t do it? Our current attorney general seems to take a keen interest in local LE matters, judging by recent events.

        • Steve Hodel on February 26, 2015 at 11:03 am

          Derek: Not sure what the legal status is as far as victims relatives trying to compel LE to conduct an Ice Cold Case Follow-Up on forensics. Doubtful. Perhaps from a “moral” position, but another problem is that the crimes are so old that few relatives around that are even aware their grandmothers, great aunts, were murdered some seventy years ago. Expect you saw the “response letter” I got from LAPD Chief Beck (BDA II) who advised his detectives didn’t have time to take a two hour meeting to be informed on potential DNA items known to exist along with the Robbery/Homicide detectives (Mitzi Roberts, Tim Marcia) parroting of “too busy with current case loads.” About as much as I can do is “present the evidence.” Public gets it, but to try and get LE to act–sadly very difficult. (Egos, Territoriality etc.) Best, Steve

  2. Steve Hodel on March 9, 2015 at 3:33 pm


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