Black Dahlia Avenger/Zodiac Thirty (30) Unique and Identical M.O. Crime Signatures- The Same Suspect?

Here are just three of the Thirty crime-signatures presented below:

BD Avenger  and Zodiac write to press promising– “There Will Be More”
BD Avenger and Zodiac write to press- and sign letter,  “a Friend”
BD Avenger and Zodiac send in identical childish drawings of a knife dripping blood.

(See PDF below with full list of comparisons)

Los Angeles, California

Nearly two years ago, I posted a list of thirty (30) unique Crime Signatures comparing the crimes of my father, Dr. George Hill Hodel, to those  committed by the San Francisco Bay Area serial-killer known as, ZODIAC.  Many of these were also presented in my true-crime book, MOST EVIL (Dutton 2009).

Speaking as a veteran homicide detective, just the fact that both men were serial killers, and sending hand written notes and taunts to the press and police, in and by itself, would have been enough to take a serious look at the crimes being possibly connected. (Unfortunately, 1970s S.F. law-enforcement officers were unaware of the serial linkage of the L.A. Lone Woman Murders, made by their  L.A.P.D. counterparts some twenty-years earlier.)

Below, is an updated list of Crime Signatures and M.O. comparisons of my father’s crimes (1943-1950) as the “Black Dahlia Avenger” to those committed by Zodiac some eighteen-years later. (1968-1969)  Just a few would be enough to make him a POI (Person of Interest), but thirty unique signatures coupled with the strong circumstantial evidence as presented in MOST EVIL, should at the very least require that a DNA comparison be completed, WHEN and IF any verified Zodiac DNA is forthcoming.

Click on below for a complete list of comparisons,  judge for yourself:

Avenger Zodiac Crime Signature and MOs update 2014 – 

Some 16 years separate my father’s last suspected crime in 1950 (date he fled the U.S. to avoid arrest) until the first suspected Zodiac crime in 1966 (Cheri Jo Bates, Riverside, California)

It is worth noting that BTK serial killer, Dennis Radar may well have been inspired by Zodiac. His ten murders were committed between 1974-1991. His letter writing taunts to the press and police were between 1974 and 2004, a thirty-year period. Radar was known to be stalking and about to kill a new victim in 2004, but his arrest that same year saved the victim’s life.

BD Avenger  “a Friend” Note 1947                          Zodiac  “a Friend” Note 1974

ghh zodiac  A Friend104





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    If you are interested in criminal justice or crime solving or true crime reading, this link should be added to your favorites. Someone committed the Black Dahlia murder, the other single women murders and the zodiac killings…this is where to find the bulk of all the known information on all these crimes and it will astound you when you check it out…

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