Black Dahlia Cadaver Dog Buster and Sgt. Paul Dostie Praised in "Just Labs Magazine" for Locating Several Hundred WWII MIA's on Tarawa














Los Angeles, California

Buster,  and his  owner/handler, retired Mammoth Lakes Police Sgt. Paul Dostie appear in this months JUST LABS magazine (July/August 2014) in an outstanding feature article, “A ‘Tail’ of an Incredible Dog”,  written by Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM.

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Buster Just Labs Magazine July 2014

In 2013 and 2014, Buster, and Sgt. Dostie were called in to help me investigate and conduct a forensic search of my father’s former residence, the Sowden/Franklin House at 5121 Franklin Avenue, in Hollywood.   In 2010 physical evidence was found which showed the residence to be the probable location where Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short was murdered.
It is believed that if human remains are buried on or near the property they are like one of the three “L.A. Lone Woman Murder victims” whose bodies were never found. (Jean Spangler, Mimi Boomhower, or the Unidentified Jane Doe LAPD recorded being assaulted on their electronic stakeout of the residence on Feb 18, 1950.

In 2013 and 2014 Buster conducted interior and exterior searches of the Hodel residence and he “alerted” to the smell of human remains.  Soil samples were recovered. Later analysis of these samples by Dr. Arpad Vass, a highly respected forensic anthropologist [who also worked on the TARAWA MIA project] showed they were positive and “specific for human remains.”

See June 3, 2014 NBC Video on Buster Black Dahlia Search and Results


 Buster and Sgt. Dostie seen hard at work on Tarawa    
Credited with locating over 100 U.S. and 100 Japanese MIAs







  1. Patricia O'Neill on June 29, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Just finished your Update 2014, Steve, and a final thought on all the compelling evidence presented both on Dahlia and Zodiac. As I stated in previous e-mail my “rambling” thoughts (stated names and dates in LA and SF), another idea comes to mind on why there has been so much delay, loss of info and/or stated lack of manpower to pursue your powerful evidence / DNA. In SF the serial activities presented could indict many prominent names in SF law enforcement, political powerhouse names and religious community bigwigs. At the sacrifice of bringing closure to citizens in SF and the Bay Area, it has been decided to “leave things be” hoping the past will just fade away. Could this be similar to “Jack the Ripper”? We are doomed to repeat the past if we do not confront the present. Looking forward to “The Early Years”….I am sure it is not an easy book to write. Best Regards, Pat O.

    • Steve Hodel on June 29, 2014 at 2:01 pm

      Pat O. I think that your observation of “Just leave things be” is accurate. Without even taking into considertion whether the various Departments are doing it knowingly, or not, I think, as I indicated in my BDA II update, there exists a strong incentive for them to just continue ignoring the investigations. They view it as a “no win.” If they confirm my findings then it hurts the Department’s image and reputation, so why even look at it? I think as you say, they would rather “just leave things be.” Rgds, Steve

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