Fred Sexton Maltese Falcon Prop to Headline TCM/BONHAM, "What Dreams Are Made Of" Auction in NY, November 25, 2013 – Matt Weinstock-Fred Sexton: A Tequila Sunrise

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Fred Sexton
designed “Maltese Falcon”

Angeles, California

has been a flurry of Fred Sexton related activities in the past few months that
got me questioning -What’s going on?  

to appear was a lengthy
Sexton biography
on Wikipedia. It lists his career, and artistic
achievements, however, no references are made to his “dark-side.” Absent were
any mentions of his connections to George Hodel and to his being a star prosecution
witness in the 1949 Hodel incest trial.

were there any references to Sexton’s own alleged sexual misconduct, which
ultimately caused him, (like his lifelong friend George Hodel) to flee the country to Mexico for the
remainder of his life.

month later I was contacted by a representative of
a businessman and art collector, who expressed an interest in documenting
provenance on Sexton as the creator of the Maltese Falcon Prop and possibly buying a Sexton painting, which I
had recently purchased from a seller in Europe. I had featured the painting on
my website blog.  (See
link to Sexton modern

an exchange of e-mails, we reached an
agreement, and I sold the Sexton painting to Risan in June, 2013.

week, the reason WHY all of the sudden interest in Fred Sexton became apparent.

is because Sexton’s “Black Bird” statuette will be the headline piece in the TCM/BONHAM auction
to be held this upcoming November in New York City. (The items will be on
display for special viewing here in Los Angeles from October 22-27.) .

years ago, (2007) I published a timeline biography on my father’s close friend,
Fred Sexton, whose crimes (some suspected, some known) are documented in my
first book, Black Dahlia Avenger.

like George Hodel, was forced to flee the United States after molesting his
11-year-old stepdaughter in the late 1960s. (Daughter of his second wife.) 

those interested in knowing the full biographical details (both Good and Bad)
of Fred Sexton click on the below link to my original Fred Sexton Biography.

The Stuff That  Dreams and Nightmares Are Made Of

SEXTON   1907-1995
(PDF bio)

FAQ 47 Sexton update 2013 – Copy.pdf

Falcon statuette to star in Turner Classic Movies auction

In the “Synchronicity Happens” Department

 In 1986, immediately after my retirement from LAPD I obtained my P.I. license and opened up “Hodel Investigations.”  I designed a logo and had an artist, draw it up and have used it for my business cards and letterheads for the past twenty-seven years. Ironically, with no clue of what was to come some fifteen years into the future, I had the artist place “The Black Bird” on my office desk. Synchronicity Happens! See original logo on my current business card below:

skh bus card 002.jpg

December 16, 2013 UPDATE:   For clarification purposes the lead Maltese Falcon sold at Bonham’s auction for over 4 Million.  The Hank Risan Sexton statue was offered at a separate auction, but buyers did not meet the minimum bid price. See story here.

Matt Weinstock Fred Sexton Anecdote 1968

Here is a rather amusing anecdote about Fred Sexton that appeared in famed Los Angeles Times columnist Matt Weinstock’s column in July, 1968.  (In the “Small World Department” both Matt Weinstock and my uncle Eugene Harvey (my mother’s brother) were Editors of the UCLA Bruin newspaper in the 1920s.) 

matt weinstock photo.jpg

sexton weinstock ajuly 7 1968.jpg



  1. Ron Franscell on October 18, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    You’ve done many things with your chronicle of Dr. George Hodel and the Black Dahlia, and prominent among them is to show your readers how single moments can send ripples across generations. It’s not just a big game of six degrees of separation. You have reported how these tendrils entwine so many people, places and things, which all come away feeling a little stained. This is one.
    Great piece that adds to the back-story of an American icon, the Maltese Falcon.

  2. ron rothman on October 19, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    What a book.
    I have one question- you wrote in MOST EVIL that Sullivan’s Island was 3 miles long but the location of Bessop’s Castle was 4 miles north???

  3. Steve Hodel on October 19, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    RR: You’re definitely paying attention. *s* Maybe he knew where the underwater rocks were? Good point. Even converting to kilometers doesn’t quite cut it. Not sure if it was my math or Poe’s, but either way, Bessop’s Castle was down the road a piece. Best, Steve

  4. Kathy on October 25, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Hi Steve, Things certainly seem busy lately for a lot of us. What an interesting article about Fred Sexton! In reading that article, it seemed like the incident happened just yesterday. Ever since I first saw The Maltese Falcon I really liked that story and I really like the statue! It’s just so intriguing and a part of movie history. Everyone except maybe real youngsters recognizes the Maltese Falcon right away. I was really really hoping to see a bejeweled model show up in the movie at any moment and even now-a-days, when I watch that film, I still feel that the “real” bird will show up somewhere. Thanks so much for your good works and your professional methods of working through all the clues. Waiting for the Early Years book. Best wishes always! Kathy

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