Bestselling Crime Author Steve Hodel Returns to South Pasadena Library to Present Third and Most Conclusive Installment of His Black Dahlia Trilogy- AUG 22, 2013 7PM

          In addition to updating the investigation with a summary of his
findings as presented in Black
Dahlia Avenger II
the author also promises to introduce new, never-before-released
findings, further linking Dr. George Hodel directly to the crime-scene and the victim.
 This news-breaking information is being held as an “exclusive” for those
attending the talk, who will get to “scoop” the general public. .   

          AUGUST 22, 2013  @ 7PM   FREE TO THE PUBLIC
                                                           Click on newspaper to Enlarge

August 9, 2013

Los Angeles, California

I am looking forward to presenting my talk at one of my favorite venues, the South Pasadena Library.  

This is the third time that South Pasadena Librarian, Steve Fjelsted
has extended me the courtesy of an invitation to speak and update my investigations. My talk will be at the Community Room
which is located immediately adjacent to the main library. Doors will open at
6:30, and it is, as always, FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

My PowerPoint Talk and slide show will last about one-hour,
followed by an audience Q&A and a book-signing. HOPE TO SEE THERE. 

The above South Pasadena Library Herald -EXTRA was designed by Anneline De Croos and the accompanying illustrations by popular South Pasadena artist, Scott Gandell. Scott and Anneline are the owners of Sourth Pasadena Mercantile.  

My sincere thanks to both Anneline and Scott for their joint contributions. Scott’s two illustrations of myself and my father are simply amazing. You can find a full description of his works and talents at his website-  HERE.


George and Steve Hodel illustrations

Dr. George Hill Hodel

drgeorgehodel_350p404.jpgstevehodel_ jpeg.jpg

Steve Hodel

The Steve and George Hodel illustrations are by South Pasadena artist Scott
Gandell. Scott is a professional illustrator, printmaker, and an entrepreneur.
He is a past President of The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, and is an
alumnus of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Scott’s work has been
published in magazines, newspapers, and books. His work has also been exhibited
in galleries in the U.S. and Canada and has been acquired by clients and
collectors worldwide. 

The illustrations and printmaking of Scott Gandell have been
described as “delicately detailed and intensely agitated.” His works
 encompass styles
stretching from character designs for children’s books, from portraits of
family members to conceptual pieces for editorial assignments, and from work
for the US Air Force Art Program to advertising graphics, and beyond.

 Here is an excellent article on Scott by Michael DooleyIllustrator and Entrepreneur Scott Gandell on the Tools of his trade. 


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