Univision/KMEX 34 Anchor Leon Krauze Reexamines the 1947 Black Dahlia Murder in a Three-Part Special Investigation







May 2, 2013
Los Angeles, California

Just three months after taking over the Six O’clock News
Hour at KMEX, Leon Krauze
made the decision to reexamine one of La Ciudad de Los Angeles’ most taunting
mysteries, The Black Dahlia Murder.

Airing this week in a brand new three-part special
investigation, “The Mystery of the Black
, Anchorman Krauze examined the 66-year-old murder–presented
in Spanish to our large Hispanic community.

Part 1 reviews the history of Los
Angeles in the 1940s, along with some of the early myths connected with of the
infamous murder of Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short.

In Part II he reexamines some of the potential suspects as
well as interviewing LAPD’s newest heir-apparent to the case, Robbery/Homicide
Detective Mitzi Roberts.  (Roberts volunteered
to take over the case after detective and self-professed “Gatekeeper”, Brian
Carr, retired several years ago.)

In Part III Krauze interviews me related to my own now 13-year Black Dahlia Avenger investigation and
introduces the public to some of the linkage to my father, Dr. George Hill
Hodel, who was the DA’s and LAPD’s original “prime suspect.” 

The veteran author/journalist also introduces the public to one of my newest
investigatory findings– the discovery of hard physical evidence (cement
bags) which along with other evidence, corroborates the original LAPD and DA suspicions that the Hodel/Sowden residence was the actual murder location. 
(In 2010, cement bags documented as being at the Hodel residence on January 10,
1947, just five days prior to the body being discovered, were matched by me to
identical bags found next to the victim’s body. In 1947, LAPD detectives confirmed “on the record” that the cement bags seen in the crime scene photos
were used to transport the victim’s body parts to the vacant lot from a then unknown crime-scene residence.)

Kudos to Senor Leon Krauze for presenting our Hispanic
community with a very professionally researched new look at one of
Los Angeles’ oldest historical and infamous whodunits. I for one would
like to congratulate and welcome him with — un trabajo bien hecho y la bienvenida a
Los Angeles.

Below are a few bio links to Leon Krauze who will be co-hosting  a new show called, FUSION an  ABC and UNIVISION joint-programming-venture, anticipated to begin airing in December, 2013.(See link below.)



For those that speak Spanish, below are links to Leon
Krauze’s three-part series, “The Mystery
of the Black Dahlia
,” and for those of us that no habla Espanol, the video segments, edited by Emmy Award winning producer, Andres Pruna, speak more than 10,000 words, and need no translation.

(Click inside box for viewing)

Dahlia Negra Part 1


Dahlia Negra Part 2


Dahlia Negra Part 3


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