New Fred Sexton Painting Discovered

 Los Angeles, California

Some months back I received an e-mail from Steve W., who
informed me that he was in possession of an original Fred Sexton oil painting,
which had been in his family since the late 1940s.

Fred Sexton Painting originally purchased in 1947-8.

Since Steve lived locally we met for lunch and he provided
me with the background story and I purchased the artwork.

Turns out his mother, Janice in 1947-8 was a 19-year-old
telephone operator working in downtown Los Angeles, near Spring Street. (Sexton’s
art studio was near 2nd and Spring St.)

On one of her lunch breaks Janice was walking in the area
and told her son Steve she saw the painting displayed on the sidewalk and
“immediately fell in love with it.” Though it cost her two-weeks wages, Janice
was determined to have it, and purchased it on the spot.

It has remained in the family for the past sixty-three

Steve W. had no additional knowledge as to whether his
mother actually personally knew the artist, Fred Sexton, or if it was just a
happenstance, which seems to be the more likely scenario.

Thanks Steve W.

On an unrelated note I was contacted by an acquaintance of
Fred Sexton’s who sent me e-mail photographs of two additional Fred Sexton
paintings, shown below. He also informed me that in his opinion at least one of
the alleged Fred Sexton paintings which I had featured  (Monterey Cypress
) in his opinion was not painted by Fred Sexton. The second picture (two
figures) he was less certain of and indicated could possibly be an early work,
but remained skeptical. In any event, here are the two additional Sexton’s
paintings which he sent me..

 Two additional paintings e-mailed to me and purported to be painted by Fred Sexton.


  1. Leandra Loeffler on October 15, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Greetings, I have the answer to your “Monterrey Cyprus tree” painting. My Great Grandfather, Harry Sexton painted it. My family has many others that he painted and I can send you pictures of the paintings and signatures. Grandpa painted in a particular style and always signed his paintings with a block “S” that has a long tail, all the letters are the same size except the small “o” which is under the top of the “T”. E-mail me if interested in solving the question. Have a good day,

    • Steve Hodel on October 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm

      Hi LL: Thanks for the email and information. Yes, would love to see the additional samples painted by GGF Harry. Best, Steve

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