AMW John Walsh Interviewed on Anderson Cooper 360- Supports Finding That Dr. George Hodel was Dahlia Killer- Physical Evidence from Hodel Home Linked to Crime Scene

July 23, 2011
Los Angeles


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“I do believe who killed the Black Dahlia was the main suspect they had. [Dr. George Hill Hodel]

He was the main suspect. They never had enough to indict him. He got away with that case. He was the logical suspect…In my heart and in my gut from doing this so many years, I believe it was that doctor.”

                                            America’s Most Wanted Host, John Walsh 
n CNN  Anderson Cooper 360 “Notorious Crimes”
                                            July 22, 2011

Los Angeles
July 23, 2011

Last night’s Anderson Cooper 360 aired an updated segment devoted to various “Notorious Crimes” In September 2006, Anderson had interviewed me on the Black Dahlia Murder and on that show I eliminated the one photo in my father’s album as NOT BEING ELIZABETH SHORT, and discussed the posing of the body and various signature connections of my father’s crime to- SURREALISM.   

In last night’s segment Anderson updated my investigation and introduced the viewers to one of my most important new discoveries, the linking  of physical evidence from my father’s Sowden/Franklin House to evidence at the 39th & Norton vacant lot. Anderson showed the photographs  and original receipts I had discovered at the UCLA  Frank Lloyd Wright Jr Special. Collections linking the cement bags from the house to be identical to the ones  LAPD determined were used to transport Elizabeth Short’s body to the vacant lot. 

Anderson  also established the important fact that Dr. Hodel fled the country BEFORE detectives were able to arrest and interview him regarding the tape-recorded admissions and confessions he made to killing Elizabeth Short and his secretary, Ruth Spaulding as well as admitting personally performing  abortions at his V.D. clinic and to making payoffs to the police.

The interview with John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted fame, was much appreciated in that Mr. Walsh expressed a strong conviction, “in my heart and in my gut from doing this for so many years, I believe it was the doctor.”  [See his interview on the subject in transcript and on the sound bite below.]

  John Walsh Host of America’s Most Wanted

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   John Walsh has been a dedicated fighter for victim’s rights for twenty-three years and his success as the host of America’s Most Wanted has resulted in more than 1200 “solves” and in helping law enforcement take so many vicious criminals “off the streets” has also resulted in an incalculable number of CRIMES PREVENTED. My personal congratulations and respect to a JOB WELL DONE!



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CNN Anderson-Cooper 360

Crime & Punishment-Notorious Crimes

John Walsh interview by Anderson Cooper


July 22, 2011 CNN

(Partial transcript from program)


 AC:    The Black Dahlia case. This is a case that has been fascinating Hollywood and the country for decades.


JW:     Bestselling book, movie, all that spin. But, I do believe who killed the Black Dahlia, the main suspect they had. The doctor who is now deceased. I believe he got away with that case. They never charged him. He was a stalker. He was the main suspect. They never had enough to indict him. She was dismembered by someone who had great knowledge of anatomy and skills in surgery. He was the logical suspect, but back in those days they didn’t have the tools that we have now.


AC:    They obviously sensationalized the case not because she was beautiful, but because of the  gruesome way that she was killed.


JW:    The way that he displayed her. He displayed her as a trophy, like lots of serial killers and horrible narcissistic murders do. He displayed her in the field for the whole world to see his work.


 “In my heart and in my gut from doing this so many years I believe it was that doctor.”


AC:   Initially, there were so many false confessions, people coming forward and saying they were involved.


 JW:   Look at the Jon Benet Ramsey. Look at that creep that confessed. Look at that low life. All of them. They want their fifteen minutes of fame Anderson. They want to get on the Anderson Cooper 360 and say, “I killed that person.” They were low life scumbags here and all of a sudden somebody’s paying attention to them. People confess to murders they didn’t do all the time, on for the notoriety.


 For those unfamiliar with the CEMENT BAG LINKAGE see the below links to my Squad Room Blogs on the subject:


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  1. Daisy on August 5, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I don’t think the LAPD can dismiss your evidence any longer. I find it so very strange that they continue to say that you just want to sell books & won’t take you seriously. Makes me wonder why they are so hesitiant? Perhaps if the cement sacks were the only evidence then maybe I could understand why they would dismiss your claims, but seriously, how many people would have a cement sack lying around? Not many. How many people would know how to bisect a person? Not many. How many people would have the same handwriting as your father’s? Not many. How many people were actual suspects? Not many. It just adds up.

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