Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short in Los Angeles in 1944- Updated Confirmations

This is an update to my original FAQ 1.38 (2005) wherein I offered strong suppoting documentation that Elizabeth Short was in fact in Los Angeles during the summer months of 1944.

Despite several self-professed “Dahlia experts” claims to the contrary,here is the evidence:

In my original 2003 publication of BDA I presented the following 1947 article where witness Arthur James Curtis Jr.(independently supported by a separate statement from  her then boyfriend, Lt. Fickling ) placed Elizabeth in Hollywood from Aug-November, 1944.


Arthur James final.jpg

Here is the full article:

arthur james jr ES 1944.jpg

 Update 2011 –  Mrs. Hazel B. Milman

In his 1947 interview with reporters, Arthur James Jr. not only places Elizabeth in Hollywood for three months, claims she modeled for him and he drew both sketches and an oil painting of her and even provides the name and address of the individual who received the sketch. The 1947 name and address was: “Mrs. Hazel Milman, Pacific Palisades. (A district  located on the West Side of Los Angeles, serviced by LAPD’s WLA Division.)

I recently checked Voting Registration records and was able to confirm that in 1944 a Mrs. Hazel B. Milman did in fact reside in the Pacific Palisades. Her residence address was 16544 Akron St., Pacific Palisades. See below copy of her 1944 Voter Registration and address. (Additional records show that Hazel divorced her husband in 1948 and died in Los Angeles in May, 1963.)



Milman VR Add final.jpg 

Click below to read  original 2005 FAQ with Lt. Fickling,  Arthur James Jr. and original DA Files related to Elizabeth Short’s movements.

faq 1.38.pdf



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