Ken Narlow, Original Napa County Sheriff's Zodiac Investigator Passes

Kenneth Narlow, the original investigator handling the ZODIAC INVESTIGATION for the Napa County Sheriff’s Office has passed away.

On September 27, 1969,then  Sgt. Ken Narlow conducted the original crime-scene investigation and follow-up on Zodiac’s, Lake Berryessa stabbing of Cecelia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell.

Information received from Tom Voigt of indicated Ken sucumbed from a long fought battle with cancer. Below photo courtesy of Tom Voigt.




Ken Narlow circa 1998

 My sincere condolence to Ken’s surviving family members and friends.

Though, I never had an opportunity to meet Ken in person, you can tell a lot from the way a person presents themself in public.

In the several different television interviews, Ken always appeared as the ultimate professional law enforcement officer. Calm, precise and objective. Yet, clearly he was a man with lots of humanity and was motivated by a genuine need to provide “service to others.”

The fact that he befriended so many at the website and was open to sharing and exchanging ideas on possible suspects, also says a lot about the man and his motivation.

He was all about SOLVING THE CASE, and not about WHO WOULD COULD SOLVE IT.

Thank you Ken  for your many years of dedicated service to the Northern California community.    

                                                REST IN PEACE                          

napa coast

Steve Hodel
Los Angeles


See December 2, 2010 article in Napa Valley Register

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