LAPD Updates "Mummified Babies" Investigation Identifies Owner of Trunk – DNA Tests Pending

 LAPD Chief Beck’s public comment regarding old/cold L.A. investigations may signal a turnaround from the Bratton Administration’s position. (Author Note- Chief Bratton and Robbery Homicide’s detective Brian Carr now both retired made public statements that the police Department was too busy with then current investigations to examine my new evidence and findings in the 1947 Black Dahlia and other 1940s L.A. Lone Women Murders.)

Perhaps the 10% reduction in all major crimes including HOMICIDES since Chief Beck took command will allow the Cold Case Unit to meet and discuss my newest findings?

I quote from today’s UK Daily Mail article:

                                      “Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said it was important to                                         continue investing resources into the case, even though it was three-                                       quarters of a century old, because it could turn out the babies                                         were homicide victims.

                ‘Justice, even when delayed, is still justice,’ Beck said.”


I couldn’t agree more Chief Beck!

Janet Barrie photo.jpg

Ms. Janet Barrie identified as owner of the trunk came to Los Angeles from Scotland in 1920s

Chief Beck and Capt Fabian Lizarraga.jpg

 LAPD Chief Beck and Captain Lizzarraga inform press how they made the identification

Below is a link to today’s UK DAILY MAIL on-line story:

Mystery of the mummified babies: U.S. police link late British woman to remains found in trunk









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