Chicago Red Lipstick L.A. Black Dahlia- a few "Signature Links"

A few weeks back I gave a talk to the some of the students who were just about to graduate from Pepperdine University’s Law School. Also attending the talk was attorney and Pepperdine alum,  Anthony Salerno of Salerno & Associates. Anthony is one L.A.’s top criminal defense lawyers with a practice in Century City.

My presentation ran about one-hour followed by another 30 minutes of Q&A with students. I will try and post various segments from the talk from time to time focusing on different aspects of my now ten-year plus investigation into many of my father’s serial murders.

Here is a link to a five-minute extract which briefly discussed just some of the “signature linkage” between Chicago’s 1945-1946 “Red Lipstick Murders” and the Los Angeles, Elizabeth Short, “Black Dahlia Murder”  which followed just one-year later.

Video clip discussion on Red Lipstick/Black Dahlia linkage click here  (5 minutes)

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