Why Dahliagate? YouTube Video explains why LAPD decided to cover-up the 1950 Black Dahlia Investigation

There are many reasons why LAPD and the DA’s Bureau of Investigation in 1950, did not obtain a warrant and attempt to pursue, arrest and extradite Dr. George Hill Hodel and prosecute him for the murder of Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short.  We now KNOW they had the evidence and they had his tape recorded “cop out.”

In June, 2006 I was invited to the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France, where I gave an hour talk/PowerPoint presentation on my investigation which was followed with a 45 minute audience Q&A. One of the questions was:

“What has been the response of LAPD to your investigation and book?”

My seven-minute response is excerpted from the talk, which was recorded in full. I answer her question and explain why I believe LAPD chose to seal off the investigation and allow my father to remain free out of country.

YouTube link to seven-minute excerpt here:

 Dahliagate- Why LAPD in 1950 chose to seal the Black Dahlia investigation 



  Pompidou Centre 2-hour talk link here. (First five minutes in French and then talk is in English.)




  1. Jean on May 5, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    So, basically, what you are saying, is that in order to keep the LAPD looking clean, the top management of the department obstructed justice by allowing a man to continue to kill for another 20 to 30 years. How much was each life worth. I can’t say much for LAPD if they knowingly committed this type of crime. It would definitely make them less credible in testimony in other cases.

  2. Steve Hodel on May 5, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Well, effectively, yes. But, more to it than than just “keeping LAPD looking clean.” I believe the top brass (primarily Parker, who was sworn in as the new chief just months after my father fled the country) made the decision to seal off the investigation in order to “move forward, and clean up the Department, and for the additional reasons I state on the video clip.
    This obstruction allowed George Hodel to remain free and continue to kill in Asia and later here in the U.S. as presented in my sequel, MOST EVIL. That is why those decision makers have so much blood on their hands. So many more lives lost, that should never have happened- had they done their job in 1950.
    Steve H.

  3. Jean on May 7, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I can understand your rationale for why the department would want to sweep this under the rug. My point is, they were obstructing justice, a crime. They were also accessories to murder as this man killed again. Once again, this is a crime. Which is worse? Blemishing an already blemished department or declining to prosecute a man whom they could prove had committed a murder and whom they suspected of other murders?
    I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, however, LAPD was lead for many years by men who were criminals and now Parker Center is named after a man who in essence, along with other department heads, was an accessory to murder.
    I grew up in the Ontario area, daughter of a police officer. The Black Dahlia case was legend even there. Both your books are excellent and have me convinced, at least that George Hodel was responsible for Elizabeth Short’s murder.

  4. Steve Hodel on May 7, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Its not my rationale, it is what I believe they DID. I would never justify or condone such an action and as I said, the blood for all and any additional victims post 1950 is on their hands. I believe that is WHY today’s LAPD refuses to do any follow-up on my investigation. If they do, they know it will confirm my findings, and consequently convict LAPD’s two greatest heroes for at a minimum, obstruction of justice. That is why to quote Robb/Homicide detective Brian Carr, (now retired), “LAPD doesn’t have time to prove or disprove Hodel’s investigation.” And, it is most probable they never will have the time. But, the public and my readers (like you) know the truth of it. Most of what was hidden has been brought to light. I do expect more evidence, hopefully DNA to eventually make the links in some of the non-LAPD cases. Thank you for your support and interest. As I say in my dedications for both books, “It is for the victims, living and dead.”

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