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March 11, 2010, Los Angeles                                                                            

 LEFT COAST CRIME’s annual convention opened yesterday at the Omni Hotel, at 2nd & Olive in downtown Los Angeles. The annual four day convention brings together mystery writers and readers from across the nation. This year’s Guest Of Honor is Jan Burke, an Edgar Award winner in the Best Novel category. Jan by way of giving back to her public founded the Crime Lab Project, which supports and encourages the much needed expansion and funding of forensic crime labs throughout the country.

Black Dahlia 2010 Presentation

On Thursday, March 11, 2010 I presented an hour PowerPoint Talk, “Black Dahlia 2010″ where I gave an update as to new evidentiary findings and linkage of Dr. George Hodel to the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short.  

Some of the new information included the identity of “The Baron” overheard discussing the Dahlia murder on the DA bugging tapes,  as well as a presentation of photographs and physical evidence strongly suggesting and connecting George Hodel to the actual crime-scene. (Crime scene cement bags linkage to Franklin House.)


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