CODIS "Cold Hit DNA" Links L.A.'s 'Nightstalker' To S.F. Child Murder

25-Year-Old Case Solved Thanks to Crime Scene DNA being placed in National Data Base

In my October 16, 2009 Evidence Room Blog, I wrote about the importance of getting Zodiac’s DNA into CODIS. (Combined DNA Index System). Existing Partinal DNA a Catch 22 

 I quoted  Dr. Richard Walton’s textbook, Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques (CRC Taylor & Francis 2006 NY) Page 351- 

  “The importance of this investigative tool in cold case homicide investigation cannot be overstated. In thepast, jurisdictions tended to act independently in homicide investigations, failing to realize or admit that another jurisdiction might hold the key to solving their case. DNA and the CODIS system force the issue, bringing together the scene and offender.”

Today, just eight days later, this article appeared on Page One of the Los Angeles Times:

ramirez nightstalker DNA

The article say’s it all.  How many ZODIAC crimes are waiting to be connected and cleared by one simple act? All that needs to happen is for law-enforcement to obtain and enter Zodiac’s DNA into CODIS. The talented crime-technicians and their national  data base will do the rest.

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