Old School Crime-Reporter Gives High-Praise to- MOST EVIL

October 13, 2009

“I couldn’t read it fast enough.  … I’m supposed to keep these pieces short, but if I’ve tantalized you enough to go read the book, that’s just fine. I loved it.”

                                                      Homicide Examiner crime-reporter, Richard Battin

In today’s  Examiner.com/Los Angeles article, Could Zodiac, the Black Dahlia killer and Chicago’s ‘lipstick murderer’ all be the same man?”  veteran police-reporter, Richard Battin has given his stamp of approval and praise to my recent book: MOST EVIL: Avenger, Zodiac and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel.

Appreciation is always music to a writer’s ears, but it is especially when it’s coming from someone who’s been there and seen it all from the street and alley level.

That would be Richard Battin. A veteran crime-reporter who has worked the police beat for forty-years. Not only that, but, quoting from his personal bio:

 “…was a police reporter at the San Jose Mercury-News when several serial killers were wandering the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains He’s met and interviewed three murderers, at least three that he knows about.” (This was at the same time that ZODIAC was actively taunting the press and police in San Francisco’s Bay Area.)

Thanks for the kind words Richard. Try and get you some DNA for a follow-up piece!

See his article below.

 Richard Battin 

Homicide Examiner

 Homicide Examiner

Richard Battin’s Review of MOST EVIL

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