Old Dog New Trick – Rosco Rocks!

Rosco the Boxer begins read of  BDA Romanian translation at 80!

Rosco Romania Read.jpg

Orange County, California

Rosco the Boxer, who is rapidly approaching his 80th birthday, with bull-dogged determination rarely found in dogs half his age has recently enrolled at an Orange County Community College to learn Romanian. His motivation? Purely personal. It seems he wants to read the most recent Black Dahlia Avenger translation  Enigma Daliei Negre, (2008) from a copy fresh off the shelves of a Bucharest book store.  

Some of you will recognize Rosco from earlier posts. For newcomers I will reproduce below a link to a brief bio on him and his famous film star uncle, Felix, which was offered on my website as a FAQ several years ago.

Rosco & Felix bio.pdf 





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