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Special Report: Black Dahlia “Voices from the Past”: Top City and County Law Enforcement Officers Declare “Case Solved”: LAPD Denies Request for DNA Testing, “Too Busy with Current Cases”

June 21, 2019 Los Angeles, California Greetings from Los Angeles and welcome to the first day of summer! Please click below for my audio INTRODUCTION (five minutes) to this Special Report before proceeding, or alternatively click on readable text. (I have also included the full “Case Closed-Special Report” as a downloadable PDF containing full twenty-seven…

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Fact Checking Newsweek Article “True Story Behind ‘Root of Evil’ Podcast, Black Dahlia Murder and Fauna Hodel- Who Is George Hodel?”

June 4, 2019 Los Angeles, California The following NEWSWEEK article, “True Story Behind ‘Root of Evil’ Podcast, Black Dahlia Murder and Fauna Hodel”- Who Is George Hodel?” by Culture Writer, Kelly Wynne was published this morning. (I have added the real Hodel family names to the characters portrayed in the above publicity photo. India Eisley portrays my niece,…

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Wikipedia Update DNA Comparison Reveals Dr. George Hill Hodel Not Father of His Grandaughter: “I Am The Night” and “One Day She’ll Darken” Suggestions of “Chinatown” Parentage Disproven

June 2, 2019 Los Angeles, California (Today is the 279th birthday of the Marquis De Sade and the 20th anniversary of the day George Hodel’s ashes were scattered by his wife June, into San Francisco Bay directly off Point Bonita.) Dr. George Hill Hodel circa 1952 Below section excerpted from “Dr. George Hill Hodel” Wikipedia…

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The Hollywood Reporter Perpetuating the Myth … TNT Executives Continue To “Remain Silent” On The Fact THEY Obtained DNA Analysis Proving George Hodel Is NOT Biological Father of Fauna Hodel

31 May 2019 Los Angeles, California “…George Hodel, was likely the Black Dahlia killer and, it is widely believed, her [Fauna Hodel’s] biological father (after raping her mother).                                                       …

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