New Black Dahlia Podcast Video Interview with Dash Finley Dark Times

May 16, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Below is a link to a recent Black Dahlia interview I did with Dash Finley of Dark Times: Unsolved Horrors and Mysteries, who [email protected] The video runs about one hour. Excellent questions and presentation by Dash, and the rest of the crew at @MoviePilot.

Dark Times – 5/16

REVEALED: Who killed the Black Dahlia?We are joined by Steve Hodel, writer, retired detective, and son of one of the most infamous killers in US history.

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  1. robert j cook says:

    I have read all Steve’s books and this is not enough time to explain the evidence in detail. Steve would need ten hours or more. He can slowly present more and more items until you feel the weight the truth of George’s guilt crushing you. It leaves little doubt in the end that the Black Dahlia murderer and the Zodiac murderer are one and the same.

  2. Dan Lackey says:

    Hi Steve,

    I was just looking at map of Manila and after locating Zodiac St., noticed that it was in the neighborhood of Bel-Air. Interesting since there is also a Bel-Air in L.A. At first I thought Bel-Air was the next area to the northwest, but I googled Bel-Air Manila and sure enough, Zodiac St was inside the highlighted area. The Franklin House is too Far East of Bel-Air to be a pin point connection to GHH, but it is in the same city.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Dan: Yes, GHH’s family residence was in “Forbes Park” in Makati District. Those homes were considered the ‘Bell Air” of Manila back then, just as the “Bell Air” in Beverly Hills is one of our most exclusive residential districts. Best, Steve

  3. Patricia O'Neill says:

    Hi Steve, Do try to watch the true crime episodes on Netflix titled “The Keepers”! The involvement of church, state, police & politicians in the Baltimore, MD murders of two young women in 1969 and the subsequent apathy to investigate mirrors your ongoing investigation into the Lone Woman murders and Zodiac killings. Along with the two murders in ’69 there were unfortunately related sexual abuses reported with young students in various parochial schools in the Baltimore area. What I found amazing was the statements made by “powers that be,” both church and state regarding these events: “No supportive evidence”, “Not within the statue of limitations”, “Oh, that evidence was lost when the building’s basement flooded”, Yes, it is still an open case”, etc., etc. Even Tucson has its “forgotten but still ongoing” cases of four young girls abducted/murdered here during the last 22 years. Keep up the momentum, Steve. If nothing else, it keeps the heat on and makes quite a few civic and religious leaders aware that not everyone can be fooled by money and power! Awaiting your next book! Pat O’

    • Hi Patricia: Yes, thanks, I will check out the NetFlix series. As I’ve said before, BDA needs a miniseries of maybe ten or twelve episodes to be able to present the Dahlia and Lone Woman Murders to the public. While not too many are willing to invest time in reading four separate books, they will watch a well written/well-acted crime show. Best, Steve

      • Steve, that is such a great idea – so good that I can’t believe the story hasn’t already been picked up by an enterprising documentary maker. I’m wishing I knew one now!

        I can also second Patricia’s comments on The Keepers; utterly compelling.

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