New Black Dahlia Podcast Video Interview with Dash Finley Dark Times

May 16, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Below is a link to a recent Black Dahlia interview I did with Dash Finley of Dark Times: Unsolved Horrors and Mysteries, who [email protected] The video runs about one hour. Excellent questions and presentation by Dash, and the rest of the crew at @MoviePilot.

On True Crime Writing and the Black Dahlia Murder: LAPD Homicide Detective III Steve Hodel (ret.)

April 30, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Here’s a short four-minute clip from an interview I did a few years back on the responsibilities of being a True Crime writer.

LAPD Det. III Steve Hodel (ret.) on True Crime Writing  Link  HERE.

Black Dahlia Myth Begins As A “Laugh Line” in 1950 Film Noir Classic “Sunset Boulevard” (1950)

April 15, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Rare WWII VJ Day Film Footage Believed To Be Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short on Hollywood Blvd

April 6, 2017
Los Angeles, California

In recent weeks I have received numerous inquiries asking if the film footage that aired back in 2003 on Dateline and again in 2005 on 48 Hours CBS “Black Dahlia Confidential” (an hour show covering my investigation) was in fact that of the victim, Elizabeth  Short?

YouTube Elizabeth Short VJ Day Footage HERE.

38th Anniversary of Veteran Actor Charles Wagenheim Hollywood Murder: A Bizarre “Zodiac” Connection That Spanned 27 Years

March 31, 2017
Los Angeles
This month marks the 38th anniversary of the murder of veteran actor, Charles Wagenheim, who was beaten to death in his Hollywood apartment on March 6, 1979.










Using 21st Century Geographic Profiling Software To Investigate the Black Dahlia and Other 1940s “LA Lone Woman Murders”

March 20, 2017
Los Angeles, California


“In conclusion, Dragnet (Geographic profiling software) successfully identified both the Hodel residence and the Hodel medical practice as being in areas considered highest probability for the base of the killer(s).
Dr. Evan R. Harrington
Professor of Psychology
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
August 2003
                                                                  Red areas on street map (below) mark location of Dr. Hodel home and medical practice which Geographic Profiling showed to be as locations of “highest probability” for the base of the killer(s).

Former Metropolitan Opera Singer Paul Veglia Details His Two Month Personal Contact With LA’s Most Infamous Murder Victim, Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short

February 28, 2017
Los Angeles, California




Looking Back Fifty-Years-1968-69 Rookie Big City Detective Clewless In LA

February 10, 2017
Los Angeles, California








Rookie LAPD Detective Steve Hodel circa 1969 

Sleepless in Seattle?  How about Clewless in LA.

Was Zodiac’s 1990 “Secret Pal Christmas Card” a Rayograph? Another Coded Message from Dr. George Hodel Announcing His Return to the U.S. and the SF Bay Area by Way of Another Taunting Man Ray “Clew”?

February 3, 2007
Los Angeles, California









70th Anniversary Black Dahlia Retrospective: Summary of New Evidence 2004-2017 Further Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel as Her Killer


January 15, 2017
Los Angeles, California


New Evidence Timeline (Graphic prepared by, Robert “Dr. Watson” Sadler (Click below to open and enlarge)
Black Dahlia Murder Inv Timeline 1.13.17 [2] merged w sig
Dr. George Hill Hodel and Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short