LAPD Police Museum “New Evidence” May Hold Key to DNA Solution to Black Dahlia Murder: Chief Charlie Beck Declines Request for One-Hour Meet with Detectives to Discuss New Findings

February 18, 2018
Los Angeles, California
“…I must respectfully decline that request. (one hour meet with detectives to discuss new DNA evidence)
Given the fiscal constraints facing the City, and the impact on investigations assigned to my command,
I do not believe it prudent that we pursue the Black Dahlia investigation at this time. …I believe that
Robbery-Homicide Division Detectives should expend their valuable skills on more contemporary investigations.”
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
(Excerpt from response letter to author dated July 26, 2012)
There have been some recent website comments related to the “Dahlia Killer Letter” which was discussed in detail in Black Dahlia Avenger II (2014 ed.)
Since many of my blog site readers may be unaware of this important “new evidence” (well new as of 2014) I will here present a short review as well as attach the complete Chapter 23 summary as a PDF for those who are interested in a more in-depth look.

George Hodel and Juliet Man Ray Letters: 1980s Correspondence and a Meeting in Paris

February 7, 2018
Los Angeles, California

“Je me souviens des jours ancients, et je pleure.”   “I remember the old days, and I cry.”

George Hodel in his letter to Juliet Man Ray dated 27 July 1983

Artist/Illustrator Neal Adams 1974 Zodiac Book Cover Sketch Original Source Traced To SFPD Police Composite Drawing Update 2018

“I am 100% certain that the book-cover sketch (Great Crimes of San Francisco) I drew back then [1974] was based on material that was directly related to the crime. ”
Neal Adams
Comic-Con, San Diego
July 23, 2014

ghh 1974 Zodiac rendition by artist 1970 - CopyCover art by Neal Adams 1974


Can DNA Testing of John Walsh America’s Most Wanted 1990 “Remember Me? Letters” Link “SCORPION” to San Francisco’s “ZODIAC”?


January 19, 2018
Los Angeles, California










THROUGH THE DECADES January 15, 2018 Features 71st Anniversary of Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short Murder

January 15, 2018
Los Angeles, California


THROUGH THE DECADES “Black Dahlia” Anniversary interview will be airing on Monday, January 15th.  The segment airs at about 32 minutes after the hour.

This link shows the markets and channels in around the country. .

The program airs daily at 7a, 7p, 10p ET.

In Los Angeles, the show airs on channel 2.2 Charter/Spectrum 201, Cox 820, and Frontier 483.

Steve Hodel Through The Decades Interview


A Blast from the Past? Did Zodiac in his 1969 “Bomb Letter Threat” Leave Us a 46-Year-Old Thoughtprint from His Caltech Student Days?

January 7, 2018
Los Angeles, California
“Steve: The Photoelectric Effect thing kind of blows me away. If there were a Nobel Prize for Murder, your dad would have gotten it “
LW (Luigi Warren)










Critiquing History Channel’s “The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer” and their Discovery that “Zodiac May Be Copycatting the Black Dahlia Murder from 1947?” 31, 2017
Los Angeles, California













Zodiac’s 340Z Code (Mailed to San Francisco Chronicle 11.9.69

Black Dahlia Avenger/Zodiac New Handwriting Linkage/ George Hodel Uses Jack the Ripper’s “Bleeding Knife Drawing” As One of His Black Dahlia Avenger-Zodiac Crime Signatures

December 14, 2017
Los Angeles, California
                        “After comparing his handwriting to the original documents, we 
are unable to eliminate Dr. George Hill Hodel as the author of the Zodiac letters.
We would like you to provide us with additional samples of his lowercase cursive handwriting. “
Qualified Handwriting Expert
California Department of Justice
I originally published the below blog in September 2010. I am republishing it now with important updated information, which I believe adds great weight to my original premise that the 1947 Black Dahlia and 1968-9 Zodiac crimes are SIGNATURE LINKED. 
Two-page Zodiac Letter Mailed to newspaper on Dec 16, 1969
Filed and Forgotten for Forty-Years.  Is It Legitimate?
Page 1 Zodiac Letter

John Huston Letter No. 6-Rancho Mirage and Halloween 1949 -“A Bat, Cochise, Gorgeous George and a Schmoo”-” Trick or Treat?

December 5, 2017
Los Angeles, California
Steve Hodel, age 9, In the desert
In my sequel, Black Dahlia Avenger II (2014) Chapter 8, I included fourteen separate typewritten letters written by my mother, Dorothy Hodel to her former husband, famed film director, John Huston.  These letters spanned the years from 1948-1957.

Author Note:  My discovery of these letters was pure happenstance. I came across them while browsing through the John Huston Files at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Margaret Herrick Library in Beverly Hills, California. There, I found an index labeled, “Dorothy Huston.” It contained these original letters written by my mother to John.
Let’s take a look at Letter No. 6 which my mother wrote on August 27, 1950. Clearly, it is Desperation City again. I’ll let the letter speak for itself.
From Black Dahlia Avenger II, page 133:  (click below link to read)


The Gentleman, The Cowboy and The Bracero: Los Feliz Elementary School 1949

November 19, 2017
Los Angeles
It was the second to the last day of April, 1949, a Friday.  A light rain was falling on the streets of Hollywood, as the  Gentleman, the Cowboy and the Bracero each readied himself for the picture taking.  It was mid-morning when each gathered with their separate classmates at Los Feliz Elementary School. Michael, The Gentleman, pulled his top hat down hard on his head, Kelvin, The Cowboy,  pulled his scarf away from his chin, and Steven, The Bracero, cocked his sombrero way back on his head.
It had stopped raining. The sun was shining. Life was GOOD.