“Waking the Echos of the Spot” Dorothy Huston Hodel and Two Childhood Memories

November 14, 2017
Los Angeles, California










Los Angeles Times Lists 2017 Top Three Haunted “Murder Homes”: “Black Dahlia Sowden House,” “Menendez Brothers Home” and Phil Spectors “‘Pyrenees Castle”

November 12, 2017
Los Angeles, California

I’ve heard of the FBI’s “Top Ten Most Wanted” and the “Top Twenty Most Watched Classic Films” even Forbes’s “Top Fifty U.S. Colleges” but the “Top Three Haunted Homes” was new to me.  I hadn’t seen this Los Angeles Times article, May 2, 2017 “Hot Properties” article. Had you?

Another Black Dahlia Portrait at Harvard’s Fogg Museum? Part II- Mystery Solved?- Lithograph Possibly Juliet “Julie” Man Ray

November 7, 2017
Los Angeles, California
Thanks to the Eagle Eyes of my good friend, Robert “Dr. Watson” Sadler, retired Dallas 5-0 police officer, crime novelist, and all around good guy, our own mystery lithograph has possibly been identified– and it only took him two days!  Based on this information the previously unnamed “Portrait” appears to be that of Man Ray’s wife, Juliet. Ironically, Man Ray may have drawn it from a 1944 photo shoot of Juliet and Dorothy Hodel! (I say “appears” pending confirmation of the title, which is not visible anywhere on the lithograph.)

Another Black Dahlia Portrait? Harvard’s Fogg Museum Displays Two Man Ray Artworks-George Hodel portrait and Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short Lookalike


November 5, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Two original Man Ray artworks are currently on display at Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum.

The first is a photograph taken by Man Ray of his good friend Dr. Hodel upon his return from China in September, 1946. Dr. Hodel is seen wearing his UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency) topcoat and while on billet to Hangkow, China had the honorary rank of “Lt. General.”

NYT Book Review Finds New British Author’s “Black Dahlia, Red Rose” Book “Salacious..and Less than Convincing,” but Contains “Camera Ready Period Detail”

October 27, 2017
Los Angeles, California

“For all its salacious content, Eatwell’s historical crime study is an expansive work that delves into the broader culture of postwar Los Angeles… Her zealous efforts to solve the case and name the killer are less than convincing, but her immersive style is filled with camera-ready period detail.”

The Etymology of the Term “High Jingo” by Author Robert “Dr. Watson” Sadler Retired Dallas PD

October 21, 2017
Los Angeles, California

One of my favorite newly discovered words of late has been the term, “High Jingo.”

It was first introduced to me through the writings of one of my favorite mystery authors, Michael Connelley in several of his HARRY BOSCH novels.

Sowden House Publicity LA Weekly “Most Haunted” Featured Today Coincidentally (?) on George Hodel’s 110th Birthday New Owners Give a 3D Tour

October 10, 2017
Los Angeles, California
(Today would have been Dr. George Hill Hodel’s 110th Birthday)










Click to LA WEEKLY article, “Most Haunted House John Sowden House” by Jason McGahan here.

Child Musical Prodigy George Hodel Performs at LA Egan/Little Theater in 1914 at age 6–DTLA Map Showing Locations He Practiced Music, Medicine and Murder

October 9, 2017
Los Angeles, California
“George Hodel only 6 years old, proved one of the favorites of the recital. He is, small, but possessed of phenomenal talent as a pianist.”
                                         Los Angeles Daily Times
March 20, 1914

Fauna Hodel Dies at age 66-May She Rest In Peace

September 30, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Fauna Hodel
August 1, 1951 – September 30, 2017

I just received this posting a few hours ago, announcing the death of my niece, Fauna Hodel, who passed away at her home under hospice care at age 66. Fauna had been fighting cancer for over a year, and it had recently metastasized to other vital organs.

International Assn of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts 5-Day Conference Opens with Keynote Speaker “Black Dahlia 2017” Presentation- LASD, LAPD and San Diego Sheriffs Host Event

September 26, 2017
Redondo Beach, California