Fauna Hodel Dies at age 66-May She Rest In Peace

September 30, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Fauna Hodel
August 1, 1951 – September 30, 2017

I just received this posting a few hours ago, announcing the death of my niece, Fauna Hodel, who passed away at her home under hospice care at age 66. Fauna had been fighting cancer for over a year, and it had recently metastasized to other vital organs.

Fauna was the daughter of my half-sister, Tamar who at age fifteen gave birth to Fauna in 1951.  Tamar, an unmarried teenager told the San Francisco hospital staff that the “unnamed father was a negro” and Fauna was subsequently adopted and raised by a Black family in Sparks, Nevada.

Fauna as an adult was able to locate and reconnect with her birth mother, Tamar and reunited with her in Hawaii in the Seventies. Tamar passed away in 2015, almost two years to the day of Fauna’s passing.

My condolences to Rasha and her sister Yvette, and to and to the rest of Tamar’s children,  Deborah (Fauna II) , Peace, Love, and  Joy.

Rest in Peace Fauna.

Love,   Uncle Steve



  1. Lucas Pickford says:

    Our heart felt condolences Steve. 66 is really quite young. If GHH was a shadow and Tamar’s life, you my friend were a source light and something good. Rest In Peace Fauna Hodel. – Lucas & Kristin Pickford

    • Steve Hodel says:

      L&K Pickford: Thanks for the condolences.

    • Out of the blue I connected with Fauna and she made me feel like I mattered. We had a link from Gerry Stober and… mes sympathies à tous ceux qu’elle a touché en plein dans l’âme ❤️

  2. Kenneth Green says:

    Sorry for your loss. I’ve spoken to Fauna twice over the phone. They were wonderful encounters. And we were Facebook friends. She had a wonderful spirit. RIP

  3. Angela Navarro says:

    So very sorry Steve, please express my love to Kelly and Angel. So young and so beautiful. Much love to all.

  4. So sorry for your loss Steve. She was a good person trying to find her way in this world. So sorry for her children as well. 66 is really too young. Rest in Peace Fauna.

  5. I read her delightful book she wrote and she had a strength and tenacity she had and always seemed to remain so positive and loving. I checked on her recently and saw there was going to be a tv series based on that book she wrote I am so glad she was able to hear that news. She was a bright lite in this world. I am sorry to hear of her passing. My condolences to you and your family rest in peace now Fauna

  6. I am sincerely saddened and in shock to hear of Fauna’s passing. I have read the books you have written Mr. Hodel and was unaware of Fauna’s story up to about 2 months ago. I am actually in the process of reading it right now and find her to be an inspiration in the face of such adversity. To, by chance, have come across her book in the first place and now to discover there will not be any opportunity to let her know that her story has affected people in a thought-provoking and positive way, seems such a loss. May there be consolation in knowing that there are still people discovering her story each day and that Fauna will continue to have a positive impact in the years to come. My sincerest sympathy to your family at this most difficult time.

  7. Robert Palmer says:


    Robert Palmer

  8. Charles porter says:

    What about the movie about her life that shr filmed in Reno nv , is the story still gona be told…My name is Charles Porter i went to school with fauna , i also playwd a role in the movie… 7

    • Charles P. I have no information on the earlier film that was made. I think it was originally called “Pretty Hattie’s Baby”. According to my half-sister Tamar (Fauna’s mother), there were legal problems/battles and it never made it to the big screen. Have no idea what the current status is? Regards, Steve

  9. Oh hell, what a shame.i had no idea so sorry, Steve.im a year younger. Really very ill. If we can see each other where ever we go next I hope to osee her.for many years I have been wondering if I will be able to meet Beth short in the next stage of our existence I think of her so much.like a few days ago I was in the hospital where I am a frequent flyer and the bed said I weighed 121 pounds my mind thought of Beth short and she weighed about 115 I thought of how her body would look in comparison to mine.pretty weird, huh.sometimes I think about the time George told fauna about the carpet nether regions and stomped on it.really out landish nuts did I ever tell you that I know a guy who has files from donahoe the cop, in his basement? Swear to God it’s true he also has a silver cigarette lighter that is engraved sherry she was the girlfriend of one of those club owners in Hollywood back then.old kind of lighter has a little stick wick thing that unscrews to strike on the bottom . Oh, another thing, ever hear of the suspect Morrison named by Arnold Smith in John Gilmore severed book? Smith aka Jack Wilson claimed Morrison present during Elizabeth murder well Gilmore says the FBI and LAPD not able to find Morrison I found him he was the owner of the mocambo e mail me if you want me to see about getting you the box from donahoe stuff the guy who has it got it from the detective house as a gift when d retired the house near by dodger stadium I think the guy was a kid who was a fan of the detective who took him under his wing so to speak.god bless lovely fauna.best wishes always and take care of yourself fire Wilson

    • Fire W. Sorry for your poor health. Wishing you well. As far as a Donahoe box, sure if it still exists and you have access to it happy to take a look. You never know. Best Regards, Steve.

  10. But she’s also your sister

  11. Jack Morinaga says:

    TNT is soon to be showing a Mini series titled I AM THE NIGHT which is supposed to be a dramatized version of Fauna’s life story. Did they ask you to consult on this?

    • Jack M: No, I was not consulted on the upcoming TNT miniseries and know nothing about where they are going with the story, other than what has been publicized. Its a fictionalized story “based on” Fauna’s life as presented in her book. I’ll have to wait and see where they go with and how they connect it to the Dahlia investigation? Regards, Steve

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