George and Steve Hodel: Father and Son Fifty Years Later

August 25, 2017
Los Angeles, California
            1943                                                              1994


The photo on left was taken on my second birthday in Los Angeles. Photo right was taken with my father in front of my then home in Bellingham, Washington fifty years later. (Note that the photos are bookends. Dad has his right hand on my right shoulder and fifty years later, I have my left hand on his left shoulder.)


  1. I don’t know how you do it Steve. I’m very close to my own father and I couldn’t do what you’re doing. No way. I’ve said this before and I’ll reiterate again here. You are the ONLY PERSON who can truly tell the grimoire that is GHH’s life and legacy. I’m positive that you would rather not be that person but you are. I predict that in the future everything that you’ve written (especially the Zodiak material) will be validated with DNA testing. It may not happen in your lifetime (validation rarely does) but it will happen and then all those dreadful “experts/profilers/myth busters/” who scorned you and your work will crawl back to whence they came fade away. Finish the “Early Years”. It’s important. You are appreciated Steve. Of that there is no doubt.

    • Steve Hodel says:

      Lucas: Again, thanks for the kind words.
      I’ve been kind of in dry dock for the past several months on “The Early Years.” Have completed family roots/background on it and now have to dive in to the actual crimes.
      You’re right though. Have to finish what I started. (Correction, what HE started.) I see the tetralogy (four previous books) as two large window panes. BDA/BDA II are one. Most Evil/Most Evil II the second. And now, the third and final pane, The Early Years (1920-1940) needs to be put in place which will complete the 180′ view from his birth to his death. Appreciate the motivation. Best, Steve

    • I couldn’t agree more. Steve, your work is impeccable. I would say it is highly likely that the black dahlia and Zodiac murders are connected as, at the time, from the perspective of the killer, they were just grizzly murders. Most people deny the connection of the BD and Zodiac because they are both so well renowned, but they are, in fact, just two murders that have all the possibility in the world of being connected.
      There will always be people who deny all the evidence you present to them, but denying the truth doesn’t stop the truth from being the truth.
      Good work.

  2. Patricia O'Neill says:

    Steve, I can appreciate your being in “dry dock” on “The Early Years”, but I do think the book is an important part of the George Hill Hodel story. I also think it may be important for you to reveal the motivations behind your father’s serial killings. I do believe he may be one of the most prolific murderers in present day history. You have come this far and the final chapter is most important to everyone who has experienced physical and sexual abuse in their lives. There is no excuse or forgiveness for your father’s heinous crimes but it is important for all to see just what “created the monster” George Hodel. Realize that YOU are the only one who can accomplish this goal. Stay focused and “finish the race”, Steve. Best of Luck, Pat O’Neill

    • Pat. Thanks again. I will do it. Juggling three investigation related (non-Early Years) balls in the air right now, but you are correct. The fifth and final window into the landscape that was George Hodel does have to be put in place. My goal to complete that investigation and get it out looks like about 9 months to one year. Best, Steve

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