On True Crime Writing and the Black Dahlia Murder: LAPD Homicide Detective III Steve Hodel (ret.)

April 30, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Here’s a short four-minute clip from an interview I did a few years back on the responsibilities of being a True Crime writer.

LAPD Det. III Steve Hodel (ret.) on True Crime Writing  Link  HERE.


  1. This has been on my mind a lot because I have been researching other crimes, cold cases that have been re-opened (prop69 monies) and the “powers that be” have a million reasons for not wanting to use common tools such as DNA technology that is now available such as DNA portraits.
    Statements such as it’s not accurate!!!! I had my DNA done as well as several family members different sources and it is VERY accurate!
    The cost is minimal compared to the time and money already spent.
    They re-open cases and ask for the public’s help and then refuse suggestions or promptings…I can’t get the image of “Dogs Playing Poker” out of my head when I think of how hard they are working. What is not being said here and how can they ask common citizens to find their most prolific killers?

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