LA Head DDA Stephen Kay 2006 Video Interview on Black Dahlia and Red Lipstick Murders “Solved”

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      Head DDA Steve Kay Dahlia Solved

Steve Kay and Steve Hodel 2002

kayhodel 2002


“Steve Hodel has taken this way beyond the pictures. It no longer depends on the pictures.  I have no doubt in my mind that George Hodel murdered Elizabeth Short. …If the witnesses were alive today, I believe if I took that case in front of a jury, that I would convict him on both the Black Dahlia and Red Lipstick Murders.”

Stephen Kay, Head Deputy DA

(The Truth about the Black Dahlia, November 6, 2006)


Stephen Kay on Manson  (Dateline 5 min video excerpt 2008)







Excerpt from Black Dahlia Avenger Chapter 34: 

Filing My Case with the District Attorney’s Office

It had been almost twenty years since I had last walked into the district attorney’s office to present my investigation and request a murder filing on a suspect. None of the old guard in the DA’s office was around anymore, except one. Fortunately for me and for the public, he was among the best.

In his thirty-fifth year of service in the DA’s office, Head Deputy District Attorney Stephen Kay had prosecuted many of Los Angeles’s most notorious murderers. His career convictions read like a Who’s Who of California killers, including the Manson case, where he was co-counsel with the celebrated prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi. He later personally prosecuted the rest of the Manson family members–Tex Watson, Bruce Davis, and Leslie Van Houten. Kay was the first deputy district attorney in California history to attend a lifer parolee’s hearing and argue before the parole board for denial based on the merits of the case. To date, Steve Kay has attended a total of fifty-eight parole hearings arguing against the release of the various Manson family members.

Kay prosecuted serial killers Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, who during the commission of their crimes had actually tape-recorded one of their vicious rape-murders. Bittaker and Norris would kidnap and murder four additional victims, ages thirteen to eighteen, before being apprehended, prosecuted, and convicted by Kay.

In 1996 Kay prosecuted and convicted killer Charles Rathbun for the vicious murder of Raiderette and beauty-queen model Linda Sobek, whose body was found in Angeles National Forest.

During my career I had gone to Steve Kay and presented dozens of murder cases for his review and filing of complaints. I had always found him to be highly intelligent, conscientious, and, most importantly, a man of total integrity. Knowing he could be trusted in all matters requiring confidentiality, and knowing that above all he would give me the benefit of objectivity, I decided to submit the Dahlia investigation to him as if I were asking for a criminal filing.

Sobek Prosecutor Has Other Big Cases on Resume



  1. Hello Steve…contacted you a few years ago regarding Detective Rick Jackson RHD LAPD-FBI Cold Case Unit. Couldn’t give any evidence then as case was still open but as of 3/7/16…my Client, EXUM SPEIGHT died while in Prison after being severely beaten by Cops. This was NOT in the Press…total Cover-up…now with Baca & Tanaka convicted, more things will come to the light. HAVE YOU EVER WORKED WITH RICK JACKSON, TIM MARCIA or GREG KADING? Thanks! Looking forward to working together, God willing, have been Praying for your FULL HEALING since 2013…hope it worked! Blessings!

    • Hi Bree: I trained Rick Jackson way back in the late Seventies or early Eighties when he was a new detective at Hollywood Division, but never had any contact with him after that, until the LAPD briefing with Head DDA Steve Kay in 2004. No, never worked with Tim Marcia, but met him briefly, after my retirement when he was partnered with Det. Mitzi Roberts. (As I recall they had a few questions on one of my old unsolved cases from my Hollywood year, that they were working.) Best, Steve

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